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There are men who struggle against destiny... and yet achieve only an early grave.
There are men who flee destiny... only to have it swallow them whole.
And there are men who embrace destiny, and do not show their fear. These are the ones that change the world forever.

That quote is from the trailer of Dragon Age 2. I like it because I believe in destiny, I believe that things happen for a reason. And when bad things happen, sometimes the only thing to do is to face them without fear.

In case it wasn't obvious, I am an avid gamer with a huge love of RPGs. I'm really not sure what came first: the playing video games or writing about my own fantasy worlds... but somewhere along the line they have blended together. I don't only write fantasy, in fact I'll try my hand at any type of writing, but when it comes to fiction I always get drawn back to it. I don't know if it is the weapons, the magic, the monsters, the fighting, the roughness of it all, maybe all of it in a sense.

I'll tell you a secret: sometimes I wish that one of these fantasy worlds really existed, that I could be part of it. However, I have to be content with thinking about my own.

I share my head with an assortment of colourful characters. Kane - the tormented warrior who is desperate to find peace. Benny 'Scarface' – the shapeshifting assassin who is not quite human. Cory – raised in the thieves guild who has never had an opportunity to know himself. And Randal - my very own psychopath. These guys are sometimes more real to me than the people I see daily in the street. They talk to me, argue with me, they all have their own developed personalities and a strong desire to have me tell their stories. In a sense I am never alone, because they are always with me.

Sometimes I think it must make me sound insane. But then, aren't most writers just a little bit eccentric?


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