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Sometimes I really can't believe how rude people are. *sigh*

A couple of days ago, I received an email from someone I haven't spoken to in almost a year. We were casual friends at one stage, then we just stopped talking at some point. Early last January, they sent me an email to wish me a happy new year and I responded briefly, but other than that we haven't had any contact at all.

The email, in brief, says this: Hello, hope you haven't forgotten about me... I need a favour... please call or reply.

That's it. No Hey, how are you? or I hope things are going well for you or Sorry it's been a while, but life has been really hectic lately or even Please could you help me out, if you're not too busy, because I'd really appreciate your help.

I thought that was so rude. If they had written me a polite email, maybe I would have considered taking an hour or two and helping them out. Hey, I like helping people, when I can. But I have no time for people like this, who can't even be bothered to say please. I hate rudeness, I really do. It's not as though manners cost anything after all.
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LOL, some people have really strange views on stuff.

Apparently all men cheat. Every single male, if offered no-strings sex, will take it - regardless of whether he is married, engaged or has a girlfriend. It is biological instinct, males want to fuck everything that moves. Men who say that they wouldn't do this are liars, and women who say that their husband/boyfriend wouldn't do that are just in denial. Because all men cheat.

I heard that from a man. I also think it is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life. I told him, I firmly believe that there are many, many men out there who would never cheat on their partner - even if an attractive woman was dancing naked in front on them. It is called self control.

Apparently, since I trust my boyfriend 100%, I am just completely in denial, lol.

Also, according to the same guy, it is perfectly acceptable to have sex with somebody else behind your partner's back - because it's only real cheating if you tell the person that you love them while you're having sex with them.

Sometimes I really don't understand the way people think at all.

It did provide me with some much needed amusement though.


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