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I took Cory to see the vet yesterday, for his yearly injections and a health check.

I was a bit concerned before the appointment, because he's not very good with new people. He's not actively aggressive or anything, just extremely nervous. Sudden movements and stuff make him react really badly - sometimes he freaks out and tries to run away, sometimes he barks... I don't really know why he's like that. But anyway...

He was actually really well behaved. He wasn't totally sure about the vet, but the guy we saw obviously knew how to handle dogs - quietly, calmly, with no sudden movements and a few treats. We distracted him with something nice, and the injection was over and done with in five seconds. No problems at all. He was also weighed and he is now 26.6kg, which the guy said is fine for a dog of his size.

Last time his weight was recorded - a year ago when he was a puppy - he was 7kg! And the first time he was ever weighed (at about 8 weeks old) he was 5.3kg! So he's grown a huge amount in a year. My baby is growing up!

Health-wise, he is fine. He is very active, has plenty of energy and is eating and drinking well. The vet said he has a beautiful coat, nice white teeth and a lovely smile. That is always nice to hear. :)

So, now it's all over and there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. The next thing is to have him castrated and that is set for the 15th of July - thanks to my mum and my brother who are paying for it.

And because no post about Cory can be complete without pictures, here is one I got of him chewing a stick that he found in the garden. I really had to fight to get that away from him.

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People are always telling me that I should post more pictures of Cory... so here are a few for you all:

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