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Jason finished watching the nine o'clock news and checked his phone again. He had messaged Lisa hours ago, to invite her over after work, but there had been no response. It was very unlike her, usually she spent most nights at his place. Initally Jason had resented the intrusion into his personal space, but over the last six months he had grown used to having her around. It was nice to have someone to cuddle with on the sofa and eat Chinese food with, to go out with friends as a couple, to have her there when he woke up in the morning. In fact, he had seriously been considering making it official and asking her to actually move in.

Where is she? Why isn't she answering her phone?

He called her but it went straight to voicemail again. With a sigh, he tossed his phone aside and went into the kitchen to see what was in the fridge. As he piled his plate high with cold pizza and chicken wings, he heard the beep that signalled an incoming message.

Jason. I need to see you. Please don't avoid me. Sara.

He went cold all over. Sara – a mistake he wished he could undo. They worked together and she had been chasing him for months. A few weeks before, after an argument with Lisa about him visiting his parents, he had gotten drunk and given in to her advances. It had just been a stupid mistake and Jason had made it very clear to her that it would never happen again. But Sara seemed to have difficulty hearing the word 'No' and had taken to sending him countless messages.

We have nothing to talk about. Jason send back, and took the opportunity to try Lisa again. Still voicemail. “Darling, where are you? I'm a little worried, call me when you get this.” Perhaps she had gone home to get changed and fallen asleep, but he was still concerned. It was so unlike her to be missing all evening.

You can't ignore me, Jason. We belong together. I know you love me like I love you.

Not bothering to respond, he flicked through the channels, looking for something to take his mind off everything going on. Why had he been stupid enough to get involved with Sara? What if she told Lisa about their fling? One stupid mistake could cost him everything.

I'll tell her. Tomorrow, I will cook her a nice meal and I will tell her what happened. And I'll do whatever I can to make it up to her.

He grabbed his phone as it went off again. Another message from Sara: I know you don't really love her. Don't worry, I am going to take care of everything.

Going to take care of everything? What did she mean – had she discovered a way to contact Lisa? Was that why she wasn't answering? With shaky fingers, he typed a reply.

What have you done, Sara?

Her response was instant. I left you a present on the porch.

Jason looked towards the door, torn between wanting to know what was going on, and being overcome with a sense of fear and dread. Reluctantly he drew back the bolt and turned the door handle. It was dark outside, but he could just about make out a large box.

FOR YOU WITH LOVE was written on the note in bright red.

He opened it with trembling hands and screamed. His girlfriend's severed head gazed up at him with lifeless eyes.
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