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I was inspired by one of the prompts for the competition that I can't submit a real entry for - but I decided to write it anyway. So, here it is.

Seriously Hilarious

Danger was nothing new to anyone in the adventuring profession. Some were reckless enough that their first experience with danger was their last – either from death or because they decided that the life of an adventurer wasn't for them. For those who stuck it out, who placed themselves in peril day after day, some developed a hardened don't-care attitude to deal with it. Others managed to use humour to cope with the situation.


“Na wa ooooo,” Cory said laughingly, “What a word.”

“What does Nawooo mean?” Phellan asked, looking from Cory – his best friend – to the dwarven blacksmith who had just uttered something in his own language. The two of them; the easy-going half elven assassin and the young, curious wolf-man, spent all of their time in the city exploring and getting under the feet of the local merchants. However, they were so friendly and so willing to take on odd jobs and help out that very few people objected to having them around.

“Na wa ooooo would be 'this is unbelievable or interesting' in yer common tongue, lads,” the gruff blacksmith paused in his work to look at the laughing pair. “Or 'this is serious' depending on what tribe yer ask. Yer see, this bark is pretty rare – hard to forge, even with years of experience. Na wa ooooo.”

“ Na wa ooooo,” Cory and Phellan repeated before they fell about in hysterics. The blacksmith watched them, his blue eyes sparking with amusement.


The chameleons hissed viciously as they closed in on the party. There were at least ten of them, oversized lizards with evil little eyes, long sticky tongues that could wrap around limbs with ease, and sharp claws. Poison dripped from their strong jaws. They blended into the trees and bushes, attacking when it was least expected.

Benny cursed as one tore through the flesh of his arm, drawing forth blood. Jonas attempted to cast a spell, only to have his concentration disrupted when one sticky tongue wrapped itself around his leg. Worse still, the lizards began shooting out strong web that was almost impossible to break free from. Even Riandur with his brute strength had trouble tearing through it. They darted here and there, inflicting wounds with their nasty little teeth.

“Kane, can't you do something?” Valia's staff had fallen to the ground and she was trying desperately to free her hands.

Her lover was having similar difficulties, and was not in the mood to mince his words. “I'm paralysed here – what do you expect me to do, Val? Blink them to death?”

Phellan and Cory had been at the back when the attack came. They ducked down, trying to avoid the web that had ensnared their friends, while trying to bat away the lizards that were jumping on them. Phellan tugged at the assassin's sleeve with his teeth.

“Cory? I'm scared.”

“Me too,” his young friend admitted, catching a lizard with his dagger and gutting it in a swift motion. “But Phellan - Na wa ooooo!”

Phellan looked at Cory. “Na wa ooooo,” he agreed, and they both began to giggle. The laughter gave them courage. While their startled and puzzled companions looked on in confusion, the giggling pair managed to dispatch most of the chameleons in just a few moments, until Riandur untangled himself and chased the rest away.

Kane began to chuckle too, though he wasn't sure what he was laughing at. Valia joined in the giggling. Even Benny found himself smiling a little as he observed the two youngest members of the party.


From that day on, 'Na wa ooooo' was the one phrase that always made things seem better, even when the odds were bad.


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